2020 Global B2B Benchmarks: The Hidden Costs of Ineffective and Inefficient Pricing (with Copperberg

B2B companies operate with a standard underlying cost in their business that they do not fully realize – the cost of poor pricing practices such as misaligned market pricing, inconsistent pricing, and inefficient pricing processes. Each of these missteps are deceptively small when evaluated individually; it is the combined effect that results in significant, pervasive margin and revenue cost, year after year.

Knowing precisely which processes, how to measure the loss, and most importantly, how to recapture this value is impossible with manual means.

In this session, Zilliant Director of Business Solutions Consulting Thomas Delloye reviews the findings from the 2020 Global B2B Benchmark Report, including:

An overview of each pricing benchmark category Quantitative and qualitative evidence to look for How to measure your company against benchmarks First steps to regaining profit margin loss in these categories

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