Quick Start: Global and Country Price Lists

Global companies are facing unprecedented business and market volatility. But the process of setting and managing global and country price lists hasn't kept pace. See how Zilliant's Quick Start for Global and Country Price Lists gets you started with a simpler and faster approach to list price management in just four weeks.

Zilliant Quick Start for Global and Country Price Lists

Now more than ever, companies are finding this process to be unmanageable as cost changes increase in frequency. The time to enact a price change is simply too long, leading to lost margin. It’s time for a change.

In the past, price management software to streamline and automate this process may have seemed out of reach or too difficult to implement, relegating pricing teams to the spreadsheet approach.

At Zilliant, we are changing the game. The Zilliant Quick Start package for Global and Country Price Lists enables companies to be up and running with Zilliant Price Manager in as few as four weeks.

This packaged solution is purpose-built to streamline global and country list price management with a standardized price waterfall enabling companies to:

Easily update global list prices as costs change using pre-defined cost pass through strategies Perform currency conversions to calculate country list prices Make additional country factor adjustments to list prices And provide scoped user access to centralized and decentralized pricing teams within the same system of price management

Need to manage additional elements in the price waterfall? Quick Starts offer out-of-the-box extensions to fit your business.

A simpler and faster approach to list price management is in reach. Contact us today for a demo and see what’s possible in just four short weeks.

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