Solve Quoting & Pricing Complexity with Conga + Zilliant

By Zilliant

Apr 08, 2021

Join Zilliant and Conga for an in-depth webinar.

According to Gartner,“Sales representatives sometimes reject a new configure, price and quote (CPQ) solution because it does not save them time or improve their win rates.”Part of the issue, according to this report, is that data remains disconnected between CPQ, ERP and CRM, which goes on to state that:

“Traditional ERP order management solutions combine the customer-facing activities of quoting and order capture with the back-office activities of orchestrating and fulfilling orders. Sales representatives, resellers and customers rarely use these tools. Instead, companies have (sometimes large) teams of back-office staff that key spreadsheets containing customer quote requests into the ERP order capture screens and often return the priced proposal days later. This manual process results in order errors and lost deals to competitors that can produce a high-quality quote in minutes.”

B2B companies, whether distribution, manufacturing, or service providers, face massive complexity within their businesses. As a result, they often struggle to set, manage and execute pricing strategies that simultaneously meet P&L objectives and enable sales representatives to win deals.

Inconsistent pricing compromises the customer experience and can slow down deals. When pricing is misaligned to actual market conditions, customers must request pricing exceptions from their sales reps. Sales reps, in turn, must navigate internal pricing approval processes and negotiations. In the highly-manual environment in which most companies operate, the turnaround time for pricing exceptions can take multiple days and sometimes a week-plus before a price is agreed upon. This delay can be the difference between a happy customer and a lost deal.

The ideal solution holistically addresses price setting, optimization and management challenges while seamlessly integrating with CPQ, tying pricing strategy to execution and results.

On April 20, at 9 a.m. CDT, Zilliant and Conga are joining forces for a webinar that will cover how our combined solutions make it easy to:

  • Enable sales teams with onboarding, faster quoting and greater confidence in winning deals
  • Deliver rational, market-aligned, consistent pricing that sales teams want to use
  • Make updates to pricing and publish to CongaCPQ
  • Design pricing strategies and predict the revenue and margin impacts
  • Deliver accurate pricing to sales reps directly in CongaCPQ
  • Quickly and accurately configure quotes, adjust pricing while maintaining margins, and collaborate with the pricing team to negotiate pricing anddiscounts
  • Enjoy the best-of-breed for both price setting and quoting execution

Join us for an informative session, including a product demonstration, on how to solve for pricing complexity while enabling sales teams to close deals faster, more accurately, and more profitably than previously possible!

1Gartner, “Architecting a Modern Configure, Price and Quote Application,” February 2021

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