Revolutionize Customer Experience with AI

By Zilliant

Aug 30, 2018

men shaking hands in warehouse, revolutionizing customer experience.

Business digitalization is a necessity if you want to stay competitive in today's market. Implementing an effective digitalization strategy is not easy, for example, 77 percent of businesses realize no ROI from their digitalization efforts. If you want to be part of the 23 percent of the companies that do see a return on investment, it is essential to take a strategic approach.

A leading food service distributor did just that with a recent eCommerce initiative. This company's customers demanded a B2B eCommerce solution that emulated current B2C systems. They soon realized that this new system would be much more than a new B2B online ordering portal — it was a game-changing shift in their business process and how they serve their customers.

Realizing the importance of creating a rich online experience for customers that was consistent across the company’s sales channels, the executive team engaged with Zilliant. Through a qualitative consultation and quantitative data analysis conducted by the Zilliant team, this food service distributor discovered that their current eCommerce system was creating a pricing gap as the sales team was not serving as the negotiator between the price list and customers, ensuring customers received a price they were willing to pay. There was additional opportunity for the company to improve sales rep productivity and provide a more intuitive eCommerce interface.

Ultimately, this food service distributor chose Zilliant to deploy its AI-driven solutions across the business to ensure pricing and product recommendations were consistent on all sales channels. This food service distributor chose to partner with Zilliant for three reasons: Zilliant understood their business, offered extensive expertise in results-oriented solutions, and they came highly recommended by another company in the industry.

The Zilliant team was able to help the company work towards a future state where sales activities and customer touchpoints were analyzed by experts to create optimal value. Within the organization, messaging was targeted towards the benefits to sales reps due to the complementary nature of Zilliant's AI with their existing process. The internal messaging helped the current sales staff maximize their utilization of Zilliant's insights.

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