Pricing Is the Heart of Your Business: Three Takeaways from MindShare Europe 2023

By Zilliant

Oct 25, 2023

Last week, Zilliant customers, partners, and prospective customers from around the world attended our annual MindShare Europe event in Geneva. This year’s edition of our premier pricing and revenue growth conference featured educational pre-conference workshops, impactful and timely keynote presentations from Zilliant experts, detailed customer success stories, and informative partner-led breakout sessions. Throughout the proceedings, there was a prevailing theme: Pricing is at the heart of your business.

Here are three takeaways from MindShare Europe 2023 that key in on this theme and the overall importance of pricing.

A New Era for Pricing

In his MindShare Europe 2023 opening remarks, Zilliant CEO Pascal Yammine discussed how pricing is all too often diminished to a small box under CPQ in an architecture diagram. Pricing is underestimated and misrepresented. The truth is that without pricing, digital and ERP transformation investments will not yield the expected results.

“We are entering a new era where pricing is more than analytics and price optimization. It is a core part of your business processes,” said Yammine. “Pricing is not linear – it’s dynamic and changing constantly. As pricing evolves, so will Zilliant as we build a different kind of pricing company that will bring a trusted point of view, build an ecosystem of experts, and deliver impactful outcomes.”

Pricing Drives Business Growth

Pricing is a dynamic process that extends throughout your entire organization. It impacts market position, drives demand, and it thus must align with financial goals. But getting pricing right can be daunting because: 1) it’s a moving target, 2) there are numerous organizational touchpoints, and 3) it’s often executed with error-prone, time-consuming manual processes.

“Time is your most valuable asset,” said Zilliant Chief Product Officer Kylie Fuentes. “To stay ahead of the competition, time-to-market is the thing that’s going to get you there.” Efficiency and effectiveness in the face of complexity; this is how you maintain a competitive edge. We’ve found that when you make pricing the heart of their business strategy, you drive lasting, profitable growth.

Pricing Technology Must Be Built for the Future

As pricing evolves, so must pricing technology and software. Dynamic technologies, such as generative AI and proactive automation, allow companies to become much more efficient when it comes to setting, optimizing, and delivering price. Likewise, as AI enhances human-computer interaction, the value of pricing can now be democratized by ensuring the user experience is intuitive and easy to use.

Zilliant is making significant investments in innovation. These investments include extending out-of-the-box configuration, doubling down on AI, delivering new user experiences, and automating across the entire pricing lifecycle.

“Zilliant has long been at the forefront of AI, and we are very proud of that,” said Fuentes. “But we’re just getting started. We are really excited about applying some of these new technology innovations across the entire pricing process – much farther beyond optimization.”

Thanks to all our MindShare Europe 2023 attendees, presenters, and sponsors for making it an overwhelming success!

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