#PPSCHI2022: Dynamic Pricing Made Real

By Zilliant

Apr 05, 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Dynamic Pricing Made Real

Zilliant Senior Vice President of Products & Science Pete Eppele previews his Professional Pricing Society Spring session, Dynamic Pricing Made Real.

Dynamic Pricing Made Real

In the past two years, I have done countless webinars, podcasts and virtual roundtables. I think like many of us, I am Zoomed out. That is why I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to present to a real live audience at the33rdAnnual Professional Pricing Society Spring Conference in Chicago on April 29 at 1:50 p.m.

The topic at hand – dynamic pricing in B2B - is one that has exploded in prominence since the last time I attended an in-person conference due to the rapid adoption of digital commerce accelerated by the pandemic. B2B companies need to have an omnichannel pricing strategy in order to compete now, and many are also finding that customers demand real-time price updates.

As covered thoroughly in our most recent whitepaper, Legacy Pricing is Harming B2B: Do This Instead, the harsh reality that B2B companies face when trying to execute a dynamic, real-time pricing strategy is the limitations of their current systems. Most still manage pricing in Excel and depend on ERP as their pricing system of record.

This presents a conundrum: the way they have always done things is no match for the speed, precision and data demands of omnichannel, but they rightly fear the disruption and cost of a rip-and-replace of legacy systems in favor of new real-time technology. This lack of a clear roadmap leads to more stasis, and companies fall further behind the pack.

My session at #PPSCHI2022 aims to present a more pragmatic approach. It is indeed possible to enable full-blown omnichannel real-time pricing for B2B – and I will discuss successful examples – but many companies may be better off grabbing immediate value-add opportunities in front of them now, building momentum, and then taking the next transformative step.

Join me to learn how to get started on your dynamic pricing journey in a minimally disruptive way that doesn’t require any manipulation of entrenched ERP systems. Together, we will define dynamic pricing, identify the bottlenecks that prevent it from becoming a reality, and discuss the people, process and technology changes necessary to unlock value.

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