Front Row Seat to the Future of Pricing: A MindShare 2024 Recap

By Zilliant

Jun 05, 2024

During the last week of May, Zilliant customers, partners, and prospective customers from around the world gathered in Austin, TX, for MindShare 2024. Attendees of this year’s edition of our annual pricing and revenue growth conference truly got a front row seat to the future of pricing. Not only did we officially announce major AI innovations to our pricing lifecycle management solutions, but both days featured highly informative and engaging sessions on transforming pricing and selling processes. The following is a brief recap of the event including some key statistics, quotes, and a reminder to join us in Amsterdam this fall!

MindShare 2024 By the Numbers

It was undoubtedly our biggest and most successful MindShare yet as attendance was up by over 20% from 2023, which was previously our most attended. 44 of the companies that joined us in Austin were MindShare first timers, and 40% of attending companies sent 3 or more representatives. Over 30 attendees participated in our MindShare Golf Tournament, and one keynote speaker was a former major league baseball general manager who assembled a 103-game winning team on a shoestring budget. 

Six Key Quotes from MindShare 2024

1) Zilliant CEO Pascal Yammine, Transforming the Pricing Lifecycle with Zilliant Keynote:

Our goal is to unlock the power of pricing and put it at the heart of your business. In many digital transformation projects, pricing is marginalized, undervalued, underestimated, or even forgotten. We want to ensure pricing is a priority because it is core to every business’ success. And when I talk about pricing, I don’t mean just setting a price or updating prices in a spreadsheet. Pricing is a strategic process that impacts your brand, customer experience, and, of course, financials. We are here to support your pricing process to ensure you can evolve your business for the future.

2) Corporate Vice President of Marketing Operations Patrick Couture, How to Be Nimble at Scale Session:

Contrary to the common approach of implementing a price management solution where you might have a dedicated pricing team of four to five people managing the rules, we wanted our marketing team to be able to use the tool. So, we really needed something that had a clean, simple, and easy-to-use interface. When we demo-ed the tool, we had executives, business users, operations, and IT in the room, and it was unanimous that Zilliant provided the best user interface for a [price management] solution. Now, we have about 100 people globally using Zilliant.

3) Accenture Managing Director Mo Beshir, Unleashing Success and Sustainability with a Pricing Center of Excellence Session:

The evolution of pricing does not exist in a vacuum. It exists in an organization’s structure, and the organization’s structure also evolves. What we’re seeing in the market is how some companies are evolving their operational model to help them achieve the best pricing outcome. Implementing the solution is one part of it. But pricing is not a sprint – it’s a marathon. You mature how you do the algorithm and the efficiencies that you get out of the mathematics side of it, and you also mature in how you operate internally.

4) Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer David Clifton, Sales IQ + GenAI: Powering Account-Based Marketing Session:

Sales, marketing, and pricing are all working together and meeting at the same place – the customer. We all have the customer in mind, and [Zilliant Sales IQ] insights allow us to align and work much more closely together. Sales tends to be more reactive, but these insights get us to be more proactive. Now when our salespeople talk to customers, the conversation is so much more natural and so much more relevant. Plus, now that sales have found something that works, they are all in on it.

5) Sr. Director of Global Quoting Senthil Vivekanandan, A CPQ You Can Grow With: From Complex to Simple, Your CPQ Investment Makes an Impact Session:

When we started with the CPQ process, we had a vision and a complete roadmap. We knew we couldn’t get to it in one shot, so we decided to do it in phases. There are still some pricing activities done outside Zilliant for each customer’s uniqueness, and we want to bring all of that into our CPQ. So, the next phase is going to be completely pricing related and move the entire model, and even sales, away from excel and into Zilliant CPQ. We’re going to have one database with the cost, the price, and all the history stored in one location, and it can talk to SAP. It’s going to be a great thing.

6) Sr. Director of Pricing Strategy Rob Pedigo, Building a Business Case to Transform Selling Session:

The feedback [on Zilliant Revenue Intelligence] from the field has been highly supportive and very positive in terms of the value teams are seeing and the appreciation of the deeper insights. When you take an AI-based solution versus a salesperson staring at a spreadsheet, you’re going to get far better insights because, frankly, no one has the time to get that deep in the weeds. The [Zilliant Revenue Intelligence] solution can make comparisons that aren’t even available to the salesperson.

Thank You and Get Ready for MindShare Europe!

Thank you again to everyone who attended Zilliant MindShare 2024 for making it an overwhelming success! We also wanted to send special thanks to this year’s sponsors: Argano, Cognizant, SoftServe, and our partner of the year award winner, Accenture

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