[CASE STUDY] Distributor Moves Inventory & Converts Lost Quotes

By Zilliant

Mar 31, 2022

Our latest case study explores how one distributor transformed previously cumbersome, manual processes to empower sales reps and increase revenue.

Transformative Solutions Power More Efficient and Productive Sales Actions

One of the biggest challenges for many distributors is the sheer complexity their sales teams face with regards to the number of SKUs and customers to serve. This challenge is exacerbated for distributors selling items based on custom configurations or specifications. Compounding matters, customers would often commit to buying a certain volume of inventory that was designed to unique specifications but did not always meet that commitment. These instances increased substantially during the pandemic and led to outstanding inventory expenses on the balance sheet.

Unfortunately, most distributors still rely on inefficient manual processes such as spreadsheets or exports from business intelligence tools and email excess inventory reports out to sales reps. This leads to time-intensive tasks typically being ignored by sales reps who don’t find the information useful or actionable. On top of that, many distributors operate in a high-quote volume environment, and often lack visibility into which quotes have yet to convert. Inefficient processes and an absence of truly actionable insights for sales teams make it difficult to effectively compete for market share in today’s landscape.

Our latest case study, titled Distributor Moves Inventory and Converts Lost Quotes with Timely, Specific, Prioritized Actions for Sales, explores how sales leaders at a distributor that offers a variety of industrial products to several key markets, including automotive, electrical, and medical industries, sought to implement more efficient processes. These sales leaders also spearheaded an effort leverage a more automated, AI-driven approach to deliver actions to sales to that would grow wallet-share and retain business and win-back purchase volume. Executives at this distributor engaged Zilliant to tackle these challenges with Zilliant Sales IQ™ and Zilliant Campaign Manager™to eliminate burdensome and time-consuming manual processes that weren’t enabling the sales team, which resulted in transformed operations, empowered sales reps and increase revenue.

Read the case study to explore this distributor leveraged transformative Zilliant solutions to power more efficient and productive sales actions, leading to more converted quotes and increased revenue.

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