5 Pricing Transformation Tips from UPS

By Zilliant

Oct 12, 2023

Last week ZIlliant hosted a digital event with UPS Pricing Transformation Director Ryan Neal and PwC Partner Colin Carroll, How UPS Got Its Pricing Transformation Right.

The event focused on why this moment demands digital transformation, why pricing is critical to any transformation, and how to actually pull off this major change. UPS is one of the world’s largest companies, with unique go-to-market and customer considerations that required a carefully planned approach and the right software from Zilliant.

The following clips from the webinar highlight five of the most important learnings from Ryan on how to accomplish a highly complex, global change to your pricing approach.

1. Get Your Data Right


2. Manage Expectations


3. Bring in a Software Vendor


4. Think End-to-End


5. Dedicate Staff to the Project

Want to watch the full webinar?Access it on-demand here.

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