eCommerce and Customer Experience

Read to learn how a leading food service distributor discovered a gap in their prices and delivered a more intelligent eCommerce experience with Zilliant.

Food Service Distributor integrates eCommerce into Omnichannel Customer Experience

A recent global pricing and sales study showed that only 23% of surveyed companies have actually realized an ROI on investment in Digitalization of their business.

To ensure line of sight to achieving an ROI, a leading food service distributor took a strategic approach to their eCommerce initiative. With their customers demanding a B2C-like experience in B2B eCommerce , the company realized that the initiative was more than a new website or selling products online; it was a shift in how they do business and serve customers.

The executive team had recognized an existing pricing gap in the prices presented in their eCommerce platform, since sales was less involved in the actual negotiation and price setting. By engaging with Zilliant, the company first went through a consultative approach that revealed not just pricing issues, but also a need to address sales rep productivity and provide a more intelligent eCommerce experience.

Read the eBook for details on how this Food Service Distributor, delivered actionable intelligence with Zilliant IQTM to:

  • Drive adoption with AI pricing optimization and sales guidance delivered into systems and processes that sales and customers used daily
  • Identify real-time sales and eCommerce opportunities that would maximize every transaction across all channels and grow all accounts 
  • Provide not just complementary product recommendations, but also repurchase recommendations at the eCommerce cart level

In four months and under budget, the company deployed actionable pricing and sales intelligence to direct sales teams, national account teams and into the eCommerce platform to achieve a consistent omnichannel customer experience and an immediate ROI.

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