Better Than a Crystal Ball: Pricing Tactics for a (Potentially) Recessionary Period

Zilliant's Barrett Thompson hosted a webinar for B2B pricing professionals that are staring down the barrel of economic uncertainty. While we don’t have a crystal ball that can tell exactly when the next recession might hit, we have something better: ironclad pricing strategies to help companies thrive regardless of what the market does.

If you missed it live, don’t despair. The recording of Better than a Crystal Ball: Pricing Tactics for a (Potentially) Recessionary Period Is now available on-demand. Access it at your convenience to discover tactics to keep you on track if recessionary fears become reality, including:

  • Planning versus reacting to changes in the market via price
  • Similar industries that deal with natural downward price trajectories
  • Effects of broad-brush price strategies and homogeneous price modulation
  • Knowing where— and by how much— to reduce price across the business
  • Better manage cost pass-through based on price elasticity
  • Adjusting list prices quickly and accurately in response to cost changes
  • Complementary strategies for recovery and growth within accounts

These topics and more will get your business ready for the future.

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