Industrial Parts & Equipment Manufacturing

More intelligently price configured, discrete and aftermarket products.

Real-Time Market Pricing for Industrial Manufacturers

Industrial manufacturers must provide real-time, consistent and personalized pricing to effectively compete. It is possible to power intelligent commerce by seamlessly integrating price optimization and management into traditional and digital channels. Read this in-depth whitepaper to learn more.

Go Beyond Cost-Plus

Industrial manufacturers of discrete products tend to develop a knee-jerk affinity for cost-plus pricing. Leave this outdated method behind and set market-aligned prices with price optimization.

Optimize Markup on Configured Products

Take the guesswork out of pricing configured products. Determine the optimal markup based on the selling circumstance and product attributes.

Thrive in the Aftermarket

Aftermarket parts manufacturing can be as lucrative as it is competitive. Set the right list prices, assign customers to a rational matrix and deliver negotiation guidance so sales can close more profitable deals.

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