Fuel & Lubricants Manufacturing

Retain more share, and do it profitably, in an intensely competitive market.

Applying Pricing Software in Commodity-Driven Industries

One of the largest misconceptions about pricing is that pricing software cannot be applied within commodity-driven industries. This webinar discusses not only how it’s possible, but how to deal with data sparsity and how to dynamically bring cost data into your pricing model.

Extract Actionable Insights from Your Data Stores

Transform your veritable wealth of transaction data into actionable insights that can help sales teams stave off competitors and grow purchase footprints from day to day.

Provide Rational, Market-Aligned Price Guidance to Sales

Generate prices that sales reps feel confident in and customers accept, streamline burdensome pricing tasks, and achieve greater control of pricing as market conditions change.

Respond to Commodity Price Moves

As input costs change, dynamically bring in new cost data, centralize the pass-through process, automate price changes and mass update customer-specific agreements with dynamic price management.

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