Specialty Chemicals & Plastics Distribution

Specialty Chemicals & Plastics turn the volatility and complexity of the market into an opportunity to capture more profits.

Commercial Excellence to Deliver Profitable Growth in Chemical Industries

In this digital event recording, hear from industry experts and learn why one EMEA-based chemical distributor believes that pricing is the No. 1 profit lever and worth the highest level of attention.

Use Cost Volatility to Your Advantage

If you’re equipped to handle cost changes, your agility becomes a competitive advantage. Dynamically respond to market triggers and measure price elasticity to capture value that others miss.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities, Halt Churn

Quickly identify items your customers should be buying, and where they may be starting to defect to the competition.

Micro-Segment Your Customer and Product Combinations

A small university lab might need a wide variety of chemicals delivered frequently. The Navy, on the other hand, may need one huge order of protective marine coating. Know your audience and price accordingly.

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