Metals Distribution

Every point of margin counts in a volatile market. Outsmart the competition with superior science.

Gaining Consistency in All Sales Channels

Ensuring price consistency across online and offline sales channels, adapting quickly to changing market conditions, and ensuring a quality customer experience is a major challenge. We partnered with Salesforce B2B Commerce to address specific tactics and smarter strategies for omnichannel pricing success.

Anticipate Cost Changes

Cost volatility comes with the territory. Outsmart the competition with the price management tools that power the most efficient and effective cost pass-through strategies.

Deliver Optimal Price Guidance

Empower your branch sales offices to do their jobs autonomously, with data science-based price guardrails in place to prevent over-discounting.

Simplify the Deal Process

Pricing and sales teams can collaborate at the deal level to better negotiate and manage customer-specific price lists and contracts. Automate the agreement approval and update processes.

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