Medical Consumables Distribution

Grow and sustain healthy margins without sacrificing sales volume.

Let’s Change the Price Negotiation Game

For medical products and life sciences distributors, getting price right the first time and having the ability to immediately re-negotiate if needed is a critical capability. Learn about our innovative approach – Intelligent Automated Negotiation.

Market-Align Your Prices

Sales reps can’t know every product or unique market condition. Take “best guess” and “cost-plus” out of their vocabulary with rational prices driven by data science.

Improve Quote Conversion Rate

Speed up time-to-quote from days to minutes with dynamic deal management workflow capabilities. Get the right price to the right customer at the right time, from the call center or in the field.

Retain and Expand Current Business

Grow share of wallet at existing customers with intelligent growth opportunity identification and reverse customer churn at the first sign of defection.

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