Fuel & Lubricants Distribution

Volatile input costs are just one factor conspiring against your pricing and sales strategy. Power intelligent commerce with Zilliant to better serve your customers and your bottom line.

Dynamically Update Prices as Costs Change

With unprecedented cost volatility and inflation, companies are increasingly struggling to keep prices up to date and in-line with the market, as legacy systems and manual methods are often too slow. Watch this session to see how leading B2B companies are tackling these challenges with flexible price management software and a dynamic pricing engine.

Enpower Large Sales Teams to Maximize Performance

Your sales organization covers a broad range of customers who have unique buying patterns. Make sure they’re equipped with intelligent opportunity identification to conquer churn and increase organic growth.

Keep Prices Consistent Across Channels

Whether your customers buy from field reps, inside sales call centers or eCommerce, they expect a rational price. Go above and beyond with omnichannel price optimization.

Increase Average Order Size

Surface tailored recommendations at the point of sale, be it an eCommerce cart, a field sales reps’ mobile quoting tool or a customer service reps’ order entry screen.

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