Electronic Components & High-Tech Distribution

You can’t be a sales expert on hundreds of thousands of products, every new technological advance and each customer’s specific need. Make sales and pricing easier with intelligent guidance.

Electronic Components Distributor Amps Revenue by $80 Million with Sales IQ

Read the case study to learn how the global distributor applied predictive sales analytics to continuously identify and deliver customer churn and cross-sell actions for sales reps. This scalable solution gave the distributor’s sales reps intelligent actions to grow revenue.

Cut Through Complexity with Data Science

With tens of thousands of customers and parts, past sins get buried in the business and sales reps navigate new deals blindly. Move more prices to a matrix and provide negotiation guidance for overrides and agreements.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities, Halt Churn

Quickly identify items among massive product catalogs that your customers should be buying, and where they may be starting to defect to the competition.

Efficiently Manage Cost Pass-Through

Supplier costs are changing more frequently. Centralize the pass-through process, automate price changes and mass update customer-specific agreements with dynamic price management.

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