Electronic Components Distributor Amps Revenue with Predictive Sales Analytics

A leading U.S.-based electronic components distributor faced a challenging situation with a huge customer base and a massive product portfolio. Sales reps were overwhelmed with the amount of orders they were managing, and they couldn’t find the time to identify and pursue growth opportunities with their accounts. When business intelligence reports failed to make positive changes to sales performance and revenue, company executives sought a better solution.

Read the case study to learn how the global distributor applied predictive sales analytics to continuously identify and deliver customer churn and cross-sell actions for sales reps. This scalable solution gave the distributor’s sales reps guidance about where their time was best spent and which products to offer, resulting in elevated sales performance across the organization and better customer experiences.

Key Outcomes:

3.5% increase in annual revenue 50% reduction in sales rep ramp up time 98% adoption rate of prescriptive sales guidance Improved sales efficiency and productivity Sales reps sell 2x more in product categories with the solution than without it Increased sales reps’ account knowledge and confidence when speaking with customers

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