Zilliant CMO Lindsay Duran on the Heavy-Duty Parts Report Podcast

By Zilliant

Mar 17, 2020

Beginning around 2010, the trucking industry slowly began the climb up the digital hill. Though slower to adopt new technology than most, many companies in this conservative industry spent last decade modernizing their data approach. This trend will only accelerate in the 2020s as competition stiffens and heavy-duty truck parts distributors and manufacturers will need to lean on data science to make faster and more accurate commercial decisions.

With this in mind, Zilliant Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Duran joined The Heavy-Duty Parts Report podcast to lend her perspective gained both from years of selling and now marketing transformative pricing and sales technology to this industry.

In this lively and informative interview, Duran gets into recent trends and real-world recommendations, such as:

What industry transaction data tells us about customer churn and missed opportunities on pricing and margin How to prevent a “race to the bottom” Raising prices intelligently, so as to not lose sales The types of data companies should start with and how to leverage them Changes on the horizon and how parts manufacturers and distributors can adapt

Give it a listen to gain insight into these topics and digest new relevant margin-lifting strategies. Then follow up with one of our industry experts today to learn how to apply them to your business.

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