[WHITEPAPER] A Recipe for Intelligent Commerce in Foodservice Distribution

By Zilliant

Sep 21, 2021

A global pandemic, supply chain disruption, increasing cost volatility, labor shortages, inflationary pressures, and the shift away from the more profitable independent operators to national chains are just a few of the challenges that have impacted foodservice distribution in recent years. Additionally, a greater reliance on eCommerce ordering, the pandemic-driven shift to delivery and takeout, and the need for foodservice distributors to provide truly value-added services to differentiate from the competition is adding pressure in this already disrupted industry.

Even without these challenges and pressures, the foodservice industry is already complex due to the number of customers, products, and sales reps, which makes optimal commercial decisions difficult and often leads to margin leakage and loss of wallet share. Commercial challenges have become even more acute for companies that have yet to invent in digital technologies. That being said, while technology isn’t the silver bullet that will fix all of the challenges the foodservice industry is currently facing, companies that have embraced technology are making meaningful impacts in terms of driving profitable growth.

Our latest whitepaper, titled A Recipe for Intelligent Commerce in Foodservice Distribution, explores how foodservice distributors can leverage technology to make more intelligent commercial decisions. It also discusses how pricing software can address each price type typically seen in the foodservice industry (bracket prices, negotiated price, and customer-specific prices), as well as how foodservice distributors can leverage a centralized approach that uses AI to generate sales growth intelligence faster and drive specific actions for sales reps and recommendations for customers.

Read the whitepaper to explore how foodservice distributors can leverage technology to make more intelligent commercial decisions, and ultimately, expand wallet share and drive top-line revenue growth.

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