We’re Joining Forces with Conga for CPQ + Pricing Partnership

By Zilliant

Mar 25, 2021

The Zilliant partner community keeps growing!

Today we formalized a strategic partnership with Conga, the global leader in commercial operations transformation. The partnership will focus on CPQ pricing to help our joint clients close deals faster, more profitably and at a higher success rate.

Current customers of our respective companies, as well as new prospects, now have the opportunity to master all aspects of CPQ, from optimized pricing to complex product configuration, accurate quoting and deals designed to win with up-to-date product and pricing information. By integrating Zilliant pricing solutions into Conga CPQ,customers can turn quotes around faster with the confidence of consistent pricing that has been calculated to increase margins.

DEMO: See the partnership in action!

“Conga looks forward to collaborating with Zilliant to offer seamless business solutions to our customers for their profitable growth,” said Grant Peterson, Chief Product Officer at Conga. “Combining Conga’s market leading commercial operations solution with Zilliant’s pricing optimization solutions will help sales executives and businesses to drive much more efficient revenue process and profitable business outcomes.” 

This exciting relationship is powered by a dynamic, native integration between Conga CPQ and Zilliant’s suite of pricing tools. The real-time integration is made possible by Zilliant’s Real-Time Pricing Engine, enabling customers to make better pricing decisions, faster, while maximizing their Conga CPQ investment.

As complexities in B2B escalate and customers demand a superior experience, it’s crucial for sales organizations to be fastandright. Slow quoting processes lead to lost deals, while speed at the expense of pricing accuracy is a one-way ticket to winner’s remorse. This partnership will help companies avoid both negative outcomes while boosting profitability and overall commercial performance.

“Pricing is by far the most effective profit lever available to any company,” said Greg Peters, President and Chief Executive Officer of Zilliant. “We’re thrilled to announce this strategic partnership with Conga to help our shared customers get the full value of CPQ by providing high-quality price guidance within Conga CPQ.” 

Zilliant Price IQ® and Zilliant Price Manager™are now available to Conga customers through this seamless integration. This allows them to access data science-driven price optimization and a comprehensive price management platform to set, manage and update prices at scale without the need for manual, error-prone calculations using spreadsheets.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions on how this alliance of industry-leading CPQ and pricing companies can accelerate your business. Learn more about the new partnership on our Partner Resources hub.

For more information on Conga CPQ, click here.

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