PODCAST: Pascal Yammine on Agreement Management and CPQ

By Zilliant

Nov 03, 2022

Zilliant CEO Pascal Yammine appeared as a guest on this week’s episode of The CPQ Podcast, hosted by Frank Sohn, to discuss his move from Salesforce Revenue Cloud to Zilliant, his thoughts on what is missing from traditional CPQ, and the power of infusing agreement management capabilities into the quoting process. Read a recap and stream the episode below.

Talking Agreement Management and CPQ

“Most of our customers today need the capabilities not only for pricing and revenue growth, but also to manage those sales agreements. They may be using a CPQ but what’s (missing) is agreement management. We’ve heard from customers they need some more focus there,” said Zilliant CEO Pascal Yammine on the latest episode of the CPQ Podcast.

Deals and customer price agreements are often overlooked and under-managed in a business, leading to rampant margin leakage over time. The ability to even comprehend how many agreements are active can be difficult when the process is manual, and agreements are locked away in disparate systems.

While CPQ applications drive significant value in configuring and quoting at the deal level, a blind spot exists when companies invest in CPQ without a dedicated deal management solution.

Pascal joined Frank Sohn on his CPQ Podcast to illustrate this point and describe how Zilliant Deal Manager™ is filling the gaps for many B2B customers.



In addition to the CPQ and agreement management discussion, Sohn asked the new Zilliant CEO about how he plans to expand the reach of the Zilliant platform going forward.

“The focus for us is about scale. How do we take what we’ve done for certain industries and make it relevant for hundreds and thousands of customers across other industries?” said Yammine. “Democratizing it. What I’ve seen is that every company should have Zilliant as one of their key tools for driving revenue and profitability.”

Listen to the full conversation:

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