[PODCAST] From “Why?” to “How?”: eCommerce in B2B Manufacturing

By Zilliant

Nov 19, 2020

SAP's Jonathan Burdette joins the B2B Reimagined podcast to dissect the monumental shift to digital commerce for both manufacturers and their customers.

B2B Reimagined Episode #19: From "Why?" to "How?" in B2B Manufacturing

SAP’s Jonathan Burdette joins host Barrett Thompson to dissect the momentous shift to commerce for B2B manufacturers. Whereas traditionally sales reps walked the factory floor to build relationships, understand what equipment is working and what isn’t, and how best to position new deals, selling has now fundamentally shifted to the digital realm.

How do manufacturers adjust when most of their pricing processes are just as manual, with trillions of transaction dollars calculated in Excel? Listen to this lively conversation to learn how leading companies are designing exceptional eCommerce experiences featuring vetted, transparent prices to serve a new generation of buyers and salespeople.

The discussion closes with some educated predictions for the future of eCommerce adoption for B2B manufacturers. (SPOILER ALERT: There’s no time left to waste!)

Listen now:

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