Omnichannel Pricing: How to Relate B2B Prices to the B2B2C Market

By Zilliant

Oct 22, 2019

MindShare Europe, the leading B2B pricing and sales conference, is taking place on 13 November in Paris, France. One of the main reasons B2B professionals attend is to watch their peers on stage discussing how they overcame complex business challenges with innovative technology and by changing the way they work. As part of a series of presentation previews, here’s a peek at what one of our customers, a Building Products Distributor, will be sharing on the main stage.

We had to make major innovations in the past decade to serve customers and suppliers across multiple channels. As eCommerce has increasingly become a preferred buying method, we recognized that customers expect more transparency into the prices they are paying. We faced a challenge – how to become more transparent to compete in B2C without undermining our longtime B2B channel? How do we embark upon such a drastic change?

One of the best things about Zilliant is how they have helped us perform change management – the Danish way. We have a unique culture that doesn’t lend itself to a top-down, authoritative change approach. Instead, Zilliant has adapted to help us perform peer-to-peer influence, identifying the right quick-win strategies and staying the course.

Attend this presentation to learn how Zilliant technology fit into our new process to create rational omnichannel prices that our customers trust, while protecting our margins.

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