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By Zilliant

Jan 06, 2022

Today, we are excited to announce the Zilliant Real-Time Pricing Engine™, the latest addition to our industry-leading, cloud-native pricing and sales software solutions. The new product enables business-to-business (B2B) companies to calculate and deliver prices in real-time to any commercial system. The digital age has completely overwhelmed traditional pricing engines housed within other systems and executing pricing logic and delivering prices in real time to digital commerce channels is often beyond their capabilities. B2B companies are increasingly seeking a faster, more flexible, and higher performance alternative.

The Zilliant Real-Time Pricing Engine™ meets the growing need for a faster, more robust way of handling the pricing demands of complex omnichannel B2B companies. The solution’s high-availability, high-performance REST API with 99.99% guaranteed uptime instantaneously executes complex pricing logic, and performs complex calculations, including external data lookups, to deliver prices to any ERP, CRM, CPQ, eCommerce platform or mobile application.

“We set out to help customers power intelligent commerce in the digital age, and the Real-Time Pricing Engine™ is one of the most effective tools to accomplish that,” said Zilliant President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Peters. “Companies seeking to be more dynamic in their approach to pricing are no longer constrained by the limitations of legacy systems. With real-time pricing, they can execute complex pricing calculations in milliseconds.”

Real-Time Pricing Engine Resources

What is a Real-Time Pricing Engine?

For B2B companies, a real-time pricing engine is necessary to dynamically respond to the demands of today's digital landscape. But what is it, and how does it work? Learn all there is to know about effectively implementing a cloud-native real-time pricing engine in your business in our explainer blog.

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How a Real-Time Pricing Engine Soothes Dynamic Pricing Pains

Zilliant General Manager of Commercial Excellence Barrett Thompson on how a real-time pricing engine supplements existing systems to calculate and deliver dynamic pricing to any commercial system.

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We examine why omnichannel price consistency is crucial, why it’s difficult for companies to achieve, and how to make it a reality with the right cloud-native toolset.

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Become Dynamic with a Real-Time Pricing Engine

Zilliant SVP of Products & Science Pete Eppele discusses our latest product innovation, Real-Time Pricing Engine™. Pete and Zilliant Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Duran describe the history of pricing engines inside B2B companies and explain why they are being overwhelmed by the increased volume of pricing requests and demand for dynamic pricing. They explain how Zilliant Real-Time Pricing Engine was designed to be a more innovative and flexible solution, and how companies are applying it to meet the demands of a dynamic omnichannel environment.

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Learn more about Zilliant's Real-Time Pricing Engine in today's announcement.


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