How Zilliant is Reimagining Customer Success

By Zilliant

Jun 02, 2020

You may have noticed the new, which showcases a refreshed look-and-feel. However, beyond aesthetics, a driving force behind the new site is our commitment to helping companies reimagine how they approach pricing and sales. Our existing customers know the value we bring well beyond the point of product implementation. For those companies we have not worked with yet, allow us to give you a primer on what reimagined customer success means to us.

It means we evolve with our customers’ business over time, continually striving to innovate and improve upon their existing Zilliant solutions while looking for ways to add incremental value. Our customer success team conducts periodic business reviews, which, among other things, are a great opportunity to explore other priorities, pain points or challenges within the business. For more than two decades Zilliant has boasted the most comprehensive and data-science-driven B2B pricing and sales toolset on the market. It’s our job to communicate and apply these capabilities to meet customer needs, regardless of which product(s) was initially purchased or whether it means implementing net-new software or not.

It means that your success is our success. Here are a few examples of how we are working with customers to continuously improve their business:

  • A customer relied on a very manual process to make updates to its customer-specific agreement pricing, which meant it could only perform broad price adjustments at an overall product category level. Zilliant built a capability to streamline the management of agreement pricing by aggregating disparate data sources and recommending specific adjustments based on the customer’s strategy.
  • We learned that a customer was not able to support its labor claims process on its customer portal since the required data was sourced in several different locations. Zilliant built a data hub asset that consolidates, maps and transforms data for this process and connected this data via API to the customer portal.
  • Drawing on pain patterns we’ve seen with multiple customers in the rental industry, we are building a first-of-its-kind price optimization capability that factors in forecasted demand and capacity.
  • We are supporting a major European retailer by providing science-based prices displayed on shelf in-store, segment pricing to food service distributor sales teams for their customer negotiations and sharing insights into potential sales growth opportunities with sales reps to support their conversations with customers.
  • A long-standing Zilliant customer is adding Price Manager to its portfolio to move from several thousand spreadsheets to manage price lists across 19 countries, to allowing a team of 10 users to manage them in one place – Price Manager.
  • Our Price Defense workbook is allowing customers to step through how a final segment price has been reached by Zilliant - providing more visibility to the process and giving customers more autonomy in their analysis.
  • Zilliant has been able to support customers during the pandemic in a number of ways. One customer has used the Strategy Interface to adjust prices for select focus SKUs – setting a minimum margin at the SKU level to protect margin in the face of increased costs. Other customers are adapting the Sales IQ engine to continue to provide the most relevant sales opportunities in some potentially volatile markets.
  • In close collaboration with a customer, we are using driver analysis reporting to identify hundreds of customer/product combinations where cost was not fully passed through and implement corrective price changes.
  • We are helping a client incorporate strategic value-based pricing recommendations from a management consultant into a segmentation model to align all field price points with its new go-to-market strategy.

Each of these initiatives have been shepherded by Zilliant Customer Success, illustrating how our team approaches customer relationships. We will constantly keep an ear to the ground and work with you to improve your business beyond the scope of the initial Zilliant product implementation. Our loyal customers have gone on record, saying that successful delivery of one or more of our solutions is just the beginning of a fruitful, mutually beneficial partnership.

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