How to Deliver Market-Aligned Pricing to Sales

By Zilliant

Aug 04, 2020

Tune in today for our latest virtual event co-hosted with our strategic partner, Salesforce. In this era of market swings, customer unpredictability and constant cost fluctuations, it’s vital for B2B companies to adapt on the fly.

That’s why Zilliant and Salesforce are teaming up today, Tuesday, August 4 to showcase a more effective and efficient quoting solution powered up with market-aligned pricing guidance. Our guest speaker will be Erwan Kerebel, senior director product management, quote to cash solutions at Salesforce. Erwan will be joined by Zilliant SVP of Products & Science Pete Eppele for a breakdown of smarter strategies for pricing at a granular level in a turbulent market.

The CPQ revolution is ongoing and adopters have seen magnificent return-on-investment. Yet even in strong economic times, out-of-the-box CPQ pricing functionality can be misaligned with pricing teams’ strategic goals and price guidance can fail to reflect the market. Now more than any time in recent memory, that alignment and pricing precision is the difference between won vs. lost deals, or profitability vs. bleeding margin.

The powerful combination of Zilliant Price IQ® and Price Manager™ integrated in real-time with Salesforce CPQ gives customers the ability to:

Match up price guidance in CPQ with the latest company pricing strategies and market and cost data Visualize the impact of pricing strategies prior to rolling changes out to sales Dynamically optimize line-item pricing with order-level targets Adjust discount thresholds and set up time-bound promotion pricing Publish price changes in real-time

Increase sales confidence by providing contextual analytics, including historical prices paid by other customers in the same pricing segment and price quality scoring

Accelerate quote turnaround time with real-time approval guidance

Stick around for Zilliant Product Experience Manager Samantha Leung’s live demonstration of the new Zilliant CPQ Connector, and how it makes a dynamic, real-time connection between Salesforce CPQ and Zilliant’s pricing solutions possible.

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