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By Zilliant

Sep 20, 2022

B2B companies have invested heavily in the technology and sales processes to better track and manage customer relationships, amassing significant quantities of customer data along the way. It's time to translate that data into actionable insights. With Zilliant’s Quick Start package for Revenue Operations and Intelligence, they can do so in as few as three weeks.

Rev Up Your Revenue Operations & Intelligence Program in Just Three Weeks

Today we released the second installment of our revolutionary Quick Start program, this time focusing on an accelerated path to grow revenue with intelligent customer-specific actions.

The Quick Start for Revenue Operations and Intelligence can be deployed in as few as three weeks. This means the valuable insights hiding inside your customer data sets can be translated into real, revenue-driving opportunities by next month.

The power of this Quick Start package is twofold. The rapidity with which both your data itself, and the commercial systems you use to act upon that data, increase in value thanks to this solution amounts to a double win. By plugging into Zilliant Sales IQ™ and Zilliant Campaign Manager™, the CRM, eCommerce, CPQ, and other can reach their full potential in driving revenue.

This purpose-built solution is designed to derive and deliver an out-of-the-box library of AI-driven, account-specific revenue actions. It is also easily extendable, opening up an endless world of possibilities to deploy custom actions that match your desired sales outcomes.

For more than a decade, Zilliant customers have typically seen an increase in same-customer revenue of 5-15% with our leading revenue operations and intelligence solutions. Today’s Quick Start announcement speeds the time to value of these solutions considerably.

Today’s turbulent B2B market will not wait for the laggards to sort out their data-driven sales strategies through cumbersome, drawn-out software projects. The leaders are thinking differently. They are taking the fastest path to growing customer relationships and executing revenue-driving strategies in the field.

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What AI-Driven Actions are Included?

With Quick Start for Revenue Operations and Intelligence companies can execute:

  • Recovery Actions to discover and recover lost sales 
  • Growth Actions to expand wallet share with new and existing customers 
  • Whitespace Actions to expand sales for new or prospect accounts 
  • Contract Compliance Actions to monitor contract volume and compliance against spend commitments at any point in the contract lifecycle 
  • Win-Back Actions to bring a long-term customer back up toward their peak spending volumes 
  • Product Substitution Actions to recommend alternative products or preferred brands [Read more: Navigating the Broken Supply Chain
  • Inventory Actions to effectively sell excess inventory.
  • Customers can also create new action types for additional use cases as desired.


What is the Zilliant Quick Start Program? 

The Zilliant Quick Start program consists of packaged solutions to specific pricing and sales challenges, each of which can be up and running within the span of three to eight weeks, work seamlessly with each other on the same platform, and are extensible to fit the needs of B2B companies. 

Quick Start pairs the flexibility and power of Zilliant’s cloud-native platform with out-of-the-box, packaged solutions. This means that our industry-leading software is now able to start delivering value for customers faster than any other vendor in the market. Power meets speed.  

Why should B2B companies consider Revenue Operations & Intelligence?

As the role of B2B sales has gotten harder – more virtual, more competitive, more unpredictable, across more channels – the status quo has left sellers ill-equipped to grow their customer accounts.

The era of running business intelligence reports and emailing them out to sales reps is fading fast. The average field rep simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to effectively comb through spreadsheets and figure out the best action to take with each customer. Further, companies struggle to personalize product recommendations for customers in digital channels. As a result, they continue to miss opportunities to increase wallet share, see high customer churn rates and deliver an inconsistent customer experience.

A Forrester Research study found that companies that use a revenue operations and intelligence tool reported 69% higher revenue growth and 59% improved win/loss rates.

“B2B organizations need insights that identify risks, patterns, trends, and correlations as well as the impact of these on business outcomes for everything from buyer preferences to rep behavior, from pipeline management to forecasting,” according to The Forrester Wave™: Revenue Operations And Intelligence, Q1 2022. “Reps need guidance on what deals to prioritize and the next best actions to take to make progress on those deals.”

Quick Start for Revenue Operations & Intelligence generates customer-specific actions from B2B transaction, customer and product data, typically resulting in an increase in same-customer revenue of 5-15%. The burden of administrative work and manual analysis is removed, so the sales team can focus on what it does best: sell.

What is Sales IQ™?

Sales IQ™ is the leading B2B revenue operations and intelligence solution, using advanced data science to identify incremental revenue opportunities within both a company’s customer base and whitespace accounts. Sales IQ™ determines what products and quantities customers should be buying based on the buying patterns of similar customers.

What is Campaign Manager™?

Campaign Manager™ is an application that allows sales management and operations teams to scope, refine, prioritize, and publish campaigns based on Sales IQ™ or custom, user-defined insights. Together, Sales IQ™ and Campaign Manager™ produce and deliver targeted action types including Growth, Recovery, Product Substitution, Inventory, Win-Back, Prospecting, Contract Compliance, and more directly to sales reps.

What’s Coming Next? 

Stay tuned: In October we plan to break new ground with a standardized, out-of-the-box approach to managing customer agreements with our next Quick Start release.

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Forrester Research Principal Analyst Seth Marrs will be featured as the guest speaker at Zilliant’s webinar, “Driving Sales and Customer Engagement with Revenue Operations & Intelligence in B2B,”.

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