Equipping Sales Reps with Intelligent Price Guidance

By Zilliant

Oct 29, 2019

MindShare Europe, the leading B2B pricing and sales conference, is taking place on 13 November in Paris, France. One of the main reasons B2B professionals attend is to watch their peers on stage discussing how they overcame complex business challenges with innovative technology and by changing the way they work. As part of a series of presentation previews, here’s a peek at what one of our customers, a Building Products Manufacturer, will be sharing on the main stage.

We manufacture building materials in multiple geographies, and sell our products directly, through distribution depots and via large project bids. Each channel is different, as is each regional market we sell into, so market-aligned pricing can become difficult. As a leader in the space, we’ve fought hard for and won solid market share. The challenge we face is to increase our margins without sacrificing that share.

Each customer segment we serve brings unique challenges and costs to the table. We often had inconsistent prices going out the door because we had a decentralized, “gut feel” model with our distribution depots and an annual blanket price increase approach. We lacked control of prices downstream and more often than not, the prices we were handing off to sales reps didn’t accurately reflect the market.

A comprehensive analysis with Zilliant revealed the full extent of our margin leakage, something only true price optimization would address. We realized we could gain a deeper analysis into pricing habits and real performance leveraging Zilliant’s solutions and industry knowledge. The benefits in terms of margin performance and increased revenue have been dramatic, and in this presentation, we’ll detail, in-depth, the deployment, strategy and adoption plan that’s led to exponential growth.

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