Spandex Adopts Zilliant Pricing and Sales Solutions to Improve Business Performance

Spandex is Europe’s leading B2B provider of signs, displays, digital prints and specialty graphics. Operating in 20 countries, Spandex serves 40,000 customers and offers a portfolio of more than 30,000 product SKUs. In this video case study, Director of Pricing Jose Vela explains the complexity inherent in the business and how his team’s partnership with Zilliant is driving holistic commercial benefit.

Prior to engaging Zilliant, Spandex lacked a comprehensive strategy for pulling actionable insights out of the reams of valuable data it collected on a daily basis. While some one-off projects had success in certain regions, those hadn’t translated across all countries. In a demanding industry that is highly competitive, a “street price” mentality and cost-plus pricing culture had developed. The company’s broad portfolio made it a challenge for salespeople to offer the right price for each customer, while capturing cross-sell and upsell opportunities. There’s simply too much data.

Vela knew that a partner with a proven track record of B2B success was needed to make life easier for Spandex sales teams and ensure pricing consistency across all countries.

“We don’t want salespeople to waste time analyzing data. We prefer for them to spend their time offering advice to their customers,” Vela said. “We also want to make sure each customer has the right price for the right reasons.”

Spandex produces millions of customer and transaction records each year. The goal is to produce meaningful insights out of that data and, most importantly, make those insights actionable.

“By using Zilliant solutions, those two goals will be achieved,” Vela said.

Watch the video to get the full story.


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