Shopping and Buying Where Have We Been and Where Are We Now

COVID caused many B2B distribution companies to rethink their customer journeys for both buying and selling in 2020 and forced a change how they’ve traditionally marketed and sold their products. However, as many distributors jumped headfirst into digital, were these moves simply reactionary or truly based on real data? How do distribution customers prefer to shop, research, find, and select products? 

In this video clip from Distribution Strategy Group’s Behind the Changing Customer Journey webinar, Distribution Strategy Group Partner Dean Mueller and Distribution Strategy Group Managing Partner Jonathan Bein, Ph.D. reveal some eye-opening insights from their 2021 State of Shopping and Buying in Distribution report, which went straight to the source and surveyed and interviewed distribution customers. These insights include comparing shopping and buying changes in business segments from before 2020 to present day, as well as a look into how shopping methods differ by age when it comes to finding and selecting products. The full webinar is available to watch on-demand at   

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