Oct 23, 2013

Zilliant Launches Next-Generation MarginMax™ and New Optimization Platform

SaaS, multi-tenant architecture and best-in-class technology enables better prices, faster performance and significantly faster implementation.

Austin, TX – October 23, 2013 – Zilliant, an optimization company that helps businesses make better pricing and sales decisions, today announced the launch of the eighth-generation of MarginMax, a price optimization application for B2B companies, on the new Zilliant Optimization Platform. Zilliant is the only company offering a “true SaaS,” multi-tenant B2B optimization platform in the marketplace.

The Zilliant Optimization Platform provides customers with unlimited scalability and instant access to the latest product and science innovations, and builds the foundation for extending Zilliant’s optimization capabilities to other business challenges.

The most significant benefit to customers is the considerably shorter, market-leading implementation time of less than three months, leapfrogging the current industry average. According to the Gartner Research report entitled Hype Cycle for CRM Sales, 2013 published August 14, “The time to productivity of a complete price optimization implementation has moved from 12 to 18 months to between 12 and 15 months on the basis of progress made in technology and best practices.”

MarginMax 8.0, built on the Force.com platform, enables more control over prices, faster performance and greater transparency into how prices are generated. The application uses advanced science to predict the P&L impact of pricing strategies, which allows customers to visualize the effect of pricing strategies before putting prices into market.

“The launch of our SaaS optimization platform and MarginMax 8.0 has tremendous benefits for our customers and sets the stage for continued growth for Zilliant,” said Greg Peters, Zilliant president and CEO. “We’re the only company able to deliver market-aligned prices in less than three months and provide customers with the ability to predict the P&L impact of their pricing strategies, helping our customers achieve better results faster.”

This is the most significant update to MarginMax since its initial launch, requiring a two-year re-architecture of the platform and application; key features include:

Significantly faster setup– Results in the ability to get prices in the market faster than ever before, often in less than three months Redesigned MarginMax Strategy Interface– Offers cross-browser compatibility, significantly faster performance and greater visibility into how prices are generated Improved visual analytics– Equipped with the latest version of Tableau 8, which enables web and mobile content authoring and editing, Zilliant’s Visual Analytics Portal and the Strategy Interface now provide unprecedented analytical depth, speed and improved visualizations Better prices– Continued proprietary science innovation provides more precise, market-aligned prices, while offering more transparency into how optimized prices are generated

“Intcomex already has received tremendous value in terms of margin lift using Zilliant MarginMax,” said Liliana Valdez, pricing manager for Intcomex. “The latest release of MarginMax will give us greater control over prices and more visibility into how prices are generated, giving us the ability to use price as a strategic lever to meet our P&L objectives.” For more information about MarginMax, visit www.zilliant.com/marginmax.

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