Nov 02, 2020

Zilliant Launches Campaign Manager™ and Announces Broad Expansion of Sales IQ™ Capabilities

New management application and expansion of Sales IQ will bridge the strategy-execution gap, boosting value across the customer lifecycle.

Austin, TX – November 2, 2020 – Zilliant, the industry leader in intelligent B2B price optimization, price management and sales guidance software, today announced a new management application, Campaign Manager, as well as a broad expansion of capabilities for Sales IQ™

The new offerings, whether utilized in tandem, or in conjunction with any engines or apps in the company’s comprehensive pricing and sales solutions portfolio, empower B2B companies to translate strategies into action more effectively than ever before.

“Even with significant investments in sales, mobile and eCommerce technology, it’s still incredibly challenging for companies to execute their evolving growth and profit strategies with speed and consistency, particularly in environments with expansive customer counts, prospect databases and product catalogs,” said Zilliant Senior Vice President of Products and Science Pete Eppele. 

Sales IQ and Campaign Manager provide a unique, best-in-class capability to turn data into actionable insights that align sales teams to corporate strategy in a way that simply hasn’t been possible before. With this combination, companies are consistently seeing millions of dollars of impact to revenue, profit, wallet-share and customer value.”

Campaign Manager gives B2B companies the ability to create and manage a wide swath of pricing, sales and product campaigns that inform sellers what to sell, when to sell it, and how to sell it, as well as publish customer-specific pricing and product recommendations to ecommerce channels. Capabilities include: 

  • Action generation based on insights from any source, whether out-of-the-box insights from an integration with Zilliant solutions, or custom-defined actions directly uploaded to the application 
  • Administrators can scope, prioritize, and refine actions, set time boundaries for campaigns, add talk tracks, and publish the actions to any delivery channel with the push of a button 
  • Campaign Manager actions can be delivered anywhere they’re needed: Zilliant Sales Planner™, Deal Manager™ or any other system, such as a CRM, marketing automation tool, order entry system, or eCommerce site, via the Zilliant IQ Anywhere™ API integration 
  • Detailed data and rich visual analytics are available at the account level for sales reps’ consumption and the closed-loop tracking mechanism tracks incremental revenue and margin as well as sales rep behavior

Sales IQ, an AI-based IQ engine that was originally introduced in 2012, has broadly expanded beyond the original cross-sell and recovery customer insights. Its patented approach to predictive sales analytics can now produce these additional customer action types:

Prospecting and whitespace actions that determine the best fit products for prospects. Win-back actions that generate tailored product pitches for lost business.  Inventory actions for the targeted selling of excess inventory. Contract compliance actions for contracts not meeting volume commitments. Product substitution actions for the targeted selling of preferred brands or substitutes. 

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