Nov 19, 2019

Zilliant Announces Real-Time Market Pricing for eCommerce

Smarter, more scalable approach to dynamic pricing expands established API capabilities for pricing, sales and deal guidance

Austin, TX – November 19, 2019 – Zilliant, the industry leader in intelligent B2B price optimization and management and sales guidance software, today announced the company’s real-time market pricing capabilities now include the ability to leverage digital and eCommerce data as an additional input to pricing management calculations and optimization to set online-specific pricing.

Building on the company’s well-established REST API that minimizes the lag time from pricing trigger to transaction with real-time pricing, sales, and deal guidance, the new real-time market pricing for eCommerce capability allows B2B companies to:

Differentiate pricing for existing customers and new visitors at the product or SKU level Set eCommerce-specific discounts that can be personalized (or targeted) to customer segments and product groups Analyze pageviews, conversions, cart abandonment data and inventory availability to set multiple discounting strategies online Offer customer-specific agreement prices and dynamic tiered pricing for quantity breaks online Integrate elasticity-based price optimization, ensuring omnichannel price consistency that achieves revenue and margin targets for the business Built on Zilliant’s industry-best SaaS architecture, these highly scalable and highly available features can be integrated to any eCommerce platform via Zilliant’s API integration to deliver Real-Time Market Pricing for eCommerce to online customers.

“Market conditions and business dynamics are changing at an incredibly fast pace,” said Zilliant Senior Vice President of Products and Science Pete Eppele. “Further building on our API capabilities that were introduced in 2015, we’re thrilled to give our customers a reimagined approach to proactive eCommerce pricing that delivers tailored, intelligent, and market-relevant pricing at a moment’s notice.”

B2B customers expect immediately available, tailored pricing that is consistent across channels and accurately reflects current market conditions and their relationship with the supplier, even for large quote requests, with no lag time during negotiations. Zilliant’s Real-Time Market Pricing capabilities:

Update as frequently as needed with 99.99% guaranteed SLA Reflect the current market price calculated and/or optimized against a variety of inputs Use more data from varied, unlimited sources more intelligently Deliver pricing aligned with strategy across channels in real time Intelligently automate approvals, negotiation, counter-proposals Deliver personalized cross-sell and up-sell recommendations

Real-Time Market Pricing has seamless integration with Price IQ and Price Manager and can be delivered via API into any quoting or order entry system, or into salesperson-facing Zilliant applications, such as Deal Manager.

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