Feb 14, 2019

Zilliant Announces Breakthrough Price Management Solution

  • Zilliant Price Manager streamlines core pricing tasks, empowering pricing organizations to save time and increase strategic impact
  • New solution enables centralized, dynamic price management, including price setting, strategy development and implementation, impact analysis, and real-time, enterprise-wide updates
  • Zilliant becomes the pricing solutions provider with the broadest product suite, able to support any pricing needs, from rules-based pricing approaches to the most sophisticated AI-driven price optimization.

Austin, TX – February 13, 2019 – Zilliant, a leading SaaS software company, enables B2B enterprises to turn data into actionable intelligence that accelerates profitable growth, has launched a new solution that addresses the essential needs and persistent challenges confronting today’s pricing teams.

Zilliant Price Manager enables users to accurately create, set and adjust prices using a flexible rules-based approach, calculate the impact of price changes against KPIs, automate the rollout of prices across the enterprise and easily update existing customer specific price agreements. This not only enables pricing teams to save time and effort when executing routine tasks, it also empowers them to focus more on pricing strategy, efficiently drive adoption throughout the organization, and consistently deliver value.

With this new product, Zilliant now becomes the undisputed world leader in end-to-end pricing solutions with the broadest product set designed to solve any pricing need, from management of price lists, pricing workflows and approval processes to the most advanced AI-driven price optimization.

The new price management solution includes intuitive, spreadsheet-like functionality such as formula and calculation creation and price list management. Security, scalability and centralized price management is delivered through Zilliant’s enterprise class multi-tenant SaaS architecture. It enables seamless data management, allowing users to easily integrate data from—and publish updates to—relevant enterprise-wide sources and channels. In addition, the solution delivers advanced capabilities such as integrated visual analytics, powerful scenario simulation tools, and end-to-end campaign management for automatic rollout of pricing updates to agreements and quotes. Zilliant Price Manager can be up and running quickly in any pricing environment, for users to gain the immediate benefits of having one consolidated location for executing prices.

“Zilliant was named a Leader in the 2018 IDC MarketScape for B2B Price Optimization Applications and Zilliant customers rated Zilliant very highly in value delivered. With the launch of Zilliant Price Manager, Zilliant enables customers to digitally transform and automate the challenging process of pricing which frees up pricing professionals to focus more on strategy”,” said IDC Analyst of Digital Business Models and Monetization, Mark Thomason.

“Zilliant is now the only vendor able to provide the broadest range of solutions to meet the pricing needs of any organization. With the introduction of Zilliant Price Manager we now have solutions that replace spreadsheets and accommodate rules-based pricing processes, in addition to our market-leading AI-driven pricing optimization capabilities, all delivered through our unified multi-tenant SaaS architecture. The reality is that many pricing teams today are still relying on cumbersome spreadsheets and having to drive updates through disparate systems and channels,” said Greg Peters, Zilliant CEO. “This means working harder and taking longer to do just about anything, and it’s difficult to predict or analyze the impact of pricing decisions with any degree of confidence or precision.”

“With the addition of Zilliant Price Manager, we now offer a comprehensive Price Optimization and Management suite that changes all of that,” Peters continued. “Pricing professionals can finally spend less of their valuable time on manual tasks and focus more on applying their unique expertise to drive the best pricing strategy to achieve their business objectives.

“We look forward to working with new and existing customers to help them solve their pricing needs, gain efficiency in their pricing approach and support their top and bottom-line growth.”

To learn more about Zilliant Price Manager and the full suite of Zilliant’s Price Optimization and Management solutions, please visit: zilliant.com/products/pricemanager

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