Sep 20, 2017

CY & Partners, Zilliant Deliver AI to B2B Industrial Companies

Seamless, actionable sales and pricing guidance now in-market.

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 20, 2017 – Zilliant, a leading AI-driven SaaS platform for maximizing the lifetime value of B2B customer relationships, today announced that AI-enriched sales and pricing guidance is now in-market with a key client of CY & Partners in South Korea.

“Today, we’re thrilled to announce that AI-enriched sales and pricing guidance has been deployed with one of our projects in South Korea. Last quarter, CY & Partners selected Zilliant based on their innovative products and professional services,” said Songhwa Yang, managing partner, CY & Partners. “The company’s proven experience solving problems in multiple levels of the industrial supply chain made partnering with Zilliant an easy choice.”

On a global scale, industrial companies such as building material distributors, specialty chemical manufacturers, electronic component distributors and high tech manufacturers are facing unprecedented disruption. Mergers and acquisitions, private- or own-label product competition, a consolidated customer landscape, and market share erosion from non-traditional competitors make it nearly impossible to maximize the lifetime value of each customer relationship.

“Zilliant is committed to collaborating with CY & Partners in the Korean market to deliver increased price transparency and improved customer retention in their clients’ complex, omnichannel distribution models,” said Zilliant Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Greg Howe.

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