Zilliant 2022 Predictions: 2022 Trends to Watch in B2B Sales and Pricing

By Zilliant President and CEO Greg Peters

Jan 18, 2022

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The largest, most lingering lesson that companies will take from the pandemic-laden years of 2020 and 2021 is the notion that significant, unpredictable change is constant. We’ve helped customers navigate unprecedented waters amid the pandemic: A seismic shift to eCommerce, inflation and extreme cost volatility, and supply chain disruption that created previously unseen inventory availability challenges. As a company, we helped customers find the smartest pricing, sales and commercial strategies possible to help them retain and grow market share and improve margins.

Moving forward into 2022, I don’t foresee the pace of change slowing. Those who are prepared to act swiftly and smartly will be the ones to thrive. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Trends to Watch

The three big trends to watch for in B2B are:

The emergence of new ways to handle real-time price execution The mass exodus from spreadsheets and email as a means to share intelligence Mainstream adoption of price optimization and management software

Real-time price execution:

A lot goes on behind the scenes of the final price presented to a customer: cost, value, competition, relationship, order size, shipping, taxes, freight and so much more. Historically, this unique blend of factors was calculated within the existing pricing system of record. However, the emergence of eCommerce has overwhelmed these systems, and they simply cannot keep up with the digital demand for pricing. As a result, P&L owners are seeking an alternative to the traditional pricing engine.

Read the full article on vmblog

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