[TEC] Zilliant’s Next-Gen Price IQ® Harnesses AI for Optimized Pricing

By Predrag Jakovljevic (TEC)

May 16, 2022

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In these turbulent times, organizations must continuously weigh various considerations when setting optimal product pricing. B2B price optimization and management provider Zilliant has infused artificial intelligence capabilities into its next-generation Price IQ product suite to help organizations better navigate this pricing complexity and accurately manage and execute their pricing strategies. This post from TEC principal analyst PJ Jakovljevic provides the details and what this means for Zilliant’s customers.

Companies today face a wide variety of commerce pricing considerations. The pandemic’s ensuing supply chain turmoil, increased competition, and erratic swings in both demand and inventory availability have in turn placed new demands for optimized product pricing. How can organizations today navigate this complexity and manage as well as execute optimal pricing strategies? This post examines how one vendor has infused intelligence into its pricing optimization and management solution to deliver a platform that allows businesses to do just that.

Most recently, Zilliant announced Next-Generation Price IQ B2B price optimization solution, with major advances in performance, such as a 10-fold improvement in AI-based optimization speeds. With this solution, Zilliant aims to enable businesses to quickly respond to rapidly changing business dynamics and market changes while providing transparency to sales teams with respect to price determination. The latest release uses sophisticated and flexible data science and AI algorithms to offer transparent and pragmatic pricing.

Read the full article on TEC

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