3 Data Management Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cloud-Based Vendor

By Zilliant CTO Shams Chauthani

Jan 18, 2022

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In 2022, ensuring best-in-class Data Management is anything but straightforward for CIOs and IT leaders. The volume, variety, and velocity of data being collected have grown exponentially, as has the number of cloud solutions that require the use of this data without your direct control. To be successful, you must enable your organization to leverage this data fully, and choosing the right partner requires thoughts about security, scalability, and future-proofing.

Cloud solutions offer a host of exciting possibilities that CIOs can use to advance the commercial goals of the business. For example, applying AI to internal and external data sets to help business leaders set smarter pricing, sales, and other commercial strategies and deploy them in real time in all channels as market conditions change. Yet, these advanced applications are increasingly hosted outside of a company’s firewall and often require access to sensitive customer, product, and transaction data. When engaging with a potential vendor, it can sometimes be difficult to peel back the marketing and sales vernacular to truly understand if the platform can grow with your company while keeping your data highly secure.

With the workforce more distributed than ever, organizations are processing more data in more locations, which has caused an increase in vulnerability attack surface. Cloud-based platforms often have the ability to take advantage of scalability and security features like DDOS protection or autoscaling, but not all solutions take advantage of these capabilities. This may be why the State of Security 2021 report by Splunk found that “49% of organizations say keeping up with security is harder than it was two years ago – especially in a multi-cloud world,” and “78% of security and IT leaders worry that they’ll be hit by a SolarWinds-style attack.”

Clearly, it’s more important than ever to be constantly up to date on Data Management best practices. In this article, I’ll share three areas to explore that can help put IT leaders and CIOs on the path to success before signing off on new software that requires access to company data.

Question No. 1: Can the vendor ensure that my data is secure? 

Read the full article on Dataversity

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