DemandGen Report: Zilliant Launches Campaign Manager

By Zilliant

Nov 05, 2020

This article first appeared on DemandGen Report.

B2B sales and pricing software Zilliant has launched a new Campaign Manager application designed to help B2B companies create and manage effective pricing, sales and product campaigns in their E-commerce channels. In addition, the company announced an expansion to its AI-based engine Sales IQ to enhance its predictive sales analytics that allows for additional customer insights and campaign actions.

Campaign Manager is designed to provide sellers with customer-specific pricing and product recommendations, informing them of what product/solution needs to be sold, when the best time to sell is and how to best market it to buyers. Its capabilities include:

The ability to drive buyer action based on insights from any source integrated with Zilliant or uploaded into the app; Administrator functions for prioritizing and refining actions, such as setting time boundaries for campaigns, adding talk tracks and publishing in desired channels; Providing data and analytics at the account level; and The ability to deliver actions from the app to other systems such as CRMs, marketing automation tools, E-commerce sites and more.

Zilliant’s AI-based engine, Sales IQ, is designed to provide predictive sales analytics to generate customer insights and drive buyer action. The engine’s expansion will enhance analytics capabilities, allowing marketers to take new sales campaign actions, including:

Prospecting and whitespace actions for determining best-fit products for prospects; Win-back actions designed to generate tailored product pitches; and Product substitution actions that assist with targeted selling of preferred brands or substitutes.

“Even with significant investments in sales, mobile and E-commerce technology, it’s still incredibly challenging for companies to execute their evolving growth and profit strategies with speed and consistency, particularly in environments with expansive customer counts, prospect databases and product catalogs,” said Pete Eppele, SVP of Products and Science at Zilliant, in a statement. “Sales IQ and Campaign Manager provide a unique, best-in-class capability to turn data into actionable insights that align sales teams to corporate strategy in a way that simply hasn’t been possible before. With this combination, companies are consistently seeing millions of dollars of impact to revenue, profit, wallet-share and customer value.”

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