Shipping & Transportation Services

Modern delivery thrives on customer experience. Deliver better rates and convenient self-service.

Driving Margin & Operational Benefits for Shippers (Part 1)

Establishing the most efficient and profitable system for rates, agreements and deal desks is complicated. Learn why the operational complexities of rate and agreement dynamics as well as deal desk and customer dynamics have become so unmanageable and unwieldy in this whitepaper.

Intelligent Automated Negotiation

Get groundbreaking online self-service functionality guided by micro-segmented shipping profiles and rate sensitivity awareness to auto-negotiate with customers within margin targets. Realize a force multiplier for your sales team.

Optimize Rate Tiers

Ensure each individual customer and service offering lands in a rational and profitable matrix with rate optimization.

Better Manage Customer-Specific Rate Agreements

Infinite service permutations and one-off agreements make it difficult to understand the full scope of customer relationships. Deliver actionable customer-specific rate guidance and gain visibility into deal approval workflows.

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