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B2B Reimagined Episode 4: Media & Advertising Disruption

Listen to the podcast to hear Zilliant Chief Scientist Jon Higbie share his experience with both the agency and platform side of the advertising world. Jon explains why both the buy-side and sell-side are ripe for disruption in an industry that has faced monumental change in the past two decades.

Say Goodbye to the “Mad Men” Era

For an industry on the cutting edge of culture and consumer-facing digital technology, many media and advertising companies have neglected internal data systems, hindering their ability to make better commercial decisions. The time is now to embrace a cloud-native platform for data collection, analysis and guided decision-making.

Optimize Rate Cards and Proposals

Setting rate cards for ad spots is a challenge without guidance such as market sensitivity, historical purchase patterns and customer profiles readily available. Price optimization technology produces market-relevant rates at a fraction of the effort. Once rates are set, streamline the deal management process by integrating rate guidance directly into quoting tools.

Automate CPM Negotiations

Both ad buyers and sellers spend too much time and effort going back and forth haggling on CPM guarantees. Stop the guessing game at both the bundle and price-per-spot levels with intelligent automated negotiation technology.

Solve Planning, Spend and Placement Challenges

Ad agencies must operationalize data science to determine which media channels, times of day, geographies and demographics to target. Optimize your client’s ad mix through intelligent analysis of budget and available inventory, one of the many possibilities enabled by the Zilliant IQ platform.

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