Metals Manufacturing

Ensure pricing is just as dynamic as the raw material costs in this highly volatile industry.

Applying Pricing Software in Commodity-Driven Industries

One of the largest misconceptions about pricing is that pricing software cannot be applied within commodity-driven industries. This webinar discusses not only how it’s possible, but how to deal with data sparsity and how to dynamically bring cost data into your pricing model.

Respond Faster in Volatile Markets

Respond more effectively and efficiently to fluctuating market indices, futures prices, raw materials and other market triggers by dynamically updating costs and prices in real-time.

Streamline the Pricing & Deal Management Process

Reduce errors and margin leakage by streamlining the customer price agreement process. Automate price calculations and deliver updated prices to your sales reps in an easy to use, seamless tool.

Optimize Configured Product Pricing

Avoid the cost-plus mentality and set market prices for configured products by accounting for the factors that statistically influence price response in your markets.

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