Food Producers Manufacturing

Strike the right balance between pricing custom, complex blends and capacity allocation within a highly dynamic market.

Manufacturers: Widen the Gap Between Price & Cost

Most B2B food producers face a massively complex environment. This whitepaper explores why spreadsheet-based models and other do-it-yourself approaches aren’t up to the task and how manufacturers can widen the gap between price and cost to optimize profits and strategically drive their business.

Institutionalize Pricing Across a Global Business

Streamline and gain more control of the pricing processes across business units with highly scalable and configurable price management capabilities.

Make Your Pricing Market and Capacity Aware

Widen the gap between price and cost. Determine the price a certain demand will generate from the market and prioritize the assignment of a manufacturing facility to the demand with the highest probability of being realized.

Respond to Commodity Price Moves

As input costs change, dynamically bring in new cost data, centralize the pass-through process, automate price changes and mass update customer-specific agreements with dynamic price management.

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