Electrical Products Manufacturing

Improve margins while intelligently automating the negotiation process.

How Electrical Products Manufacturers Can Change the Quote, Cost and Negotiation Game

Ensuring profitability in the electrical products manufacturing industry is a complicated matter. Complex, lengthy sales processes, raw material cost volatility and cumbersome negotiation processes each provide openings for margin loss.

Respond to Material Cost Volatility with Confidence

As input costs change, dynamically bring in new cost data, centralize the pass-through process, automate price changes and mass update customer-specific agreements with dynamic price management.

Optimize Markup on Configured Products

Take the guesswork out of pricing configured products. Determine the optimal markup based on the selling circumstance and product attributes.

Enable Lightning-Quick Negotiations

Automate the often time-intensive negotiation process with distributors and end customers on customer portals, relying on a mix of optimized prices, intelligently-derived pricing guardrails and discount rules.

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