Wholesale Distribution

As the intermediary with a massive product catalog, getting a handle on cost and pricing updates is a momumental task, where efficiency equals success.

Enabling More Profitable Pricing in Wholesale Distribution

The average B2B distributor loses up to 11% of available margins due to misaligned and inconsistent pricing practices. Solving for these pricing challenges requires investment in people, processes and technology to efficiently and effectively deliver prices in all go-to-market channels. Learn more in this comprehensive whitepaper.

Dynamically Manage and Update Price Lists

In wholesale, updating price lists is an onerous task. Trade in the spreadsheets and cumbersome manual processes for dynamic, automated price management.

Pass on Costs Efficiently

Supplier costs are always changing. Automate cost updates and mass update customer-specific agreements to bring rational prices to market quickly and accurately.

Approach Cost Deviations Intelligently

Zilliant data science delivers guidance on when to request cost deviations from suppliers, the likelihood of receiving a cost deviation and the specific deviation amount to request.

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