MRO & Industrial Parts Distribution

Capitalize on the complexity in your business with the ability to seize pricing and sales opportunities quickly.

How an MRO Distributor Reduced Customer Churn, Grew Revenue More Than $60M

This distributor knew that churn was an ongoing threat, but massive customer and SKU counts obscured the scope of the problem. Read how Zilliant Sales IQ turned impossible complexity into a data-science driven approach to better customer retention and growth.

Optimize Your System Prices

Halt excessive price deviations by providing a relevant system price via customer reassignment, increased matrices and improved values in the matrix.

Grow Customer Wallet Share

Detect opportunities to sell more to your existing customer base with recovery and growth insights delivered automatically.

Keep Pace with Cost Changes

Supplier costs change more frequently than ever, putting customer-specific agreements at risk of margin leakage. Achieve more effective cost pass-through.

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