Electrical Products Distribution

Don’t let cost volatility and customer misassignment turn the lights out on margin growth.

Electrical Products Distributor Helps Reps Quote with Confidence

Thriving in the electrical products distribution industry is a challenge due to its fragmented nature and dependence on raw materials whose costs constantly change. In this case study, we cover challenges inherent to the industry as well as how one electrical products distributor was able to improve gross margin while helping sales reps quote with confidence.

Reduce Over-Negotiation

About half of electrical distributors’ stock business is negotiated due to customer misassignment, sales overrides and system price drift. Zilliant reverses that trend.

Build Better Price Profiles

Restructure and optimize system prices and generate customer-specific pricing that is market-aligned.

Thrive Amidst Cost Volatility

Streamline cost and price updates to system prices and customer-specific pricing.

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