Building Products Distribution

Partner with Zilliant to navigate competitive project bids, cost fluctuations and channel complexity without ever losing sight of the bottom line.

Building Products Distributor Lifts Margin 120 Basis Points

Building products distributors now receive supplier cost changes multiple times per quarter and scramble to keep up, resulting overly general system prices and up to millions of price deviations. Download the case study to learn how this building products distributor tackled this common pricing problem with an innovative approach.

Optimize Your System Prices

Halt excessive price deviations by providing a relevant system price via customer reassignment, increased matrices and improved values in the matrix.

Negotiation Guidance for Your Sales Team

Provide override guidance with guardrails when deviations are necessary to reduce over-discounting. Provide relevant guidance for customer-specific pricing agreements.

Centralize Your Bid Management Process

Price direct bids in a central location that sales reps can access remotely and that provides managers with an efficient approval workflow. Increase collaboration between pricing and sales.

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